About Us

The group was established in 1996, with a company named, Prabhune Engineers & Fabricators Pvt. Ltd. from last 15 years we do commit our activites in power and telecommunication sector.

At Prabhune Group. we here adhere to quality. Our main motto is to serve the nation with all such acts, which are necessary to maintain the quality of work, where ultimately lead in customer satisfaction. At Prabhune Group., we like to face challenges and therefore are instrumental in indulging in healthy competition per se, which will ultimately lead us to strengthen our core competencies.

We bring a top notch fleet of workmanship to the challenging projects. By aggressively managing the quality and utilization of our man power hence We are able to take large scale earth work projects.

Prabhune Engineers and Fabricators Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturing Substation Structures, Transmission towers & Equipment structures for voltages up to 400 KV. We are also approved vendors of electricity boards like Maharashtra State Electricity.

Transmission Company Ltd (MSETCL) , Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Ltd (KPTCL)

Prabhune Engineers and Galvaniazers Pvt. Ltd.

Here we get above materials hot dip galvanize having a bath size of 7 mtr X 1 mtr X 1.5 mtr ( L X W X H) adapting the latest techniques involved in this process.

Prabhune Engineers and Fabricators Pvt. Ltd..(Project Division)

We do turnkey Electro-mechanical installations,Testings,Commsioning works in the field of Electrical / Mechanical / Fire Alarm / P.A. System works.

We undertake Projects in Power Sector, Industrial, Commercial, Educational Institutes and Software Segments and are steadly growing both in Quality approach,Safetyapproach,and in Turnover. With our committed and assured efforts and Services, we are one of the fastest growing manufacturers in our segment.

Team Power:

Our Co-directors & team literally proves our name by maintaining the quality and thus timely commitment in their work. Thereare more than 20 skilled and technical staff working in different departments to deliver the best.

Professional Strength:

The experience and expertise of our team mean top quality performance producing fast economic solutions. Our key strength is professionalism in every aspect of the business benefiting our clients and creating high value outcomes. Our teams passes to our customers advantage of huge experience and knowledge. Our aims are your satisfaction and develop long term working relationship.