CMD's Desk

It gives me immense pleasure to write my messege from the desk of CMD's of Prabhune Engineers& Fabricators Pvt. Ltd. Today, the whole world is running faster and faster with all new communication and industrial technologies. Power Generation and Communication sector have became foundation stones of this growing market. Myself and my company are proud to be a part of these sectors. In future we hope that these sectors will be among primary needs of the human being.

While i started this company way back in 1996, the struggle was for labour, power and technical facilities for production activities. Now with the support from all of you, our associates, suppliers, customers and of course employees, the company stands in the as a major player in the national market.

I personally believe that the "market follows the quality and the quality need not follow the market !" With all means, our company has proved that my belief is not a wrong one.

In future also, i promise my employees, suppliers, customers and well wishers that Prabhune Engineers& Fabricators Pvt. Ltd. will continue delivering the best of it's products and services to continue your faith in it.